Tubkaak Boutique Resort: 7 Reasons This Krabi Hotel is Pure Bliss


What makes you choose a hotel when planning a vacation? Is it the pool, interiors, the services offered, or on-site restaurants? When choosing our hotel for Krabi we wanted it to: 1.) be on the beach 2.) have amazing views and 3.) be nestled within nature.  (SIDE NOTE:  Finding a beach front hotel was easier said then done, as a lot of hotels appeared to be beach front in the photos, but actually were not. Always check the map to see exact hotel location :) ). SO, when we came across The Tubkaak Boutique Resort  we instantly knew it was the one as it had our 3 "must haves".  After a week long stay there, we left the hotel with even more reasons why this hotel was the perfect choice.

7 reasons why this hotel was a winner: 

1. The seaview villas 

The cool thing about the seaview villas was the variety of each one. Some had porches with lounge chairs, others had small private pools and there was even a villa with its own infinity pool! With a rainforest shower, french glass doors leading to a private garden tub outside (my favorite feature!) and warm wood floors, how could you not want to spend your vacay here?


2. The Jungle Vibes

JD and I are big fans of boutique resorts because they feel more intimate. This one felt even more special because it was  immersed in the natural, jungle setting which gave off peaceful vibes when walking around. 


3. The Spa

I always get so giddy before a spa treatment because each experience is completely different, and I think there is something exciting about that! When you book a spa treatment here, you're greeted with an iced herbal tea to sip on before heading back to the room. Walking into the room was amazing as it's a wooden "cocoon" with an opening at the top. The warm interiors and natural light beaming in added some specialness to our first Thai massage experience.

4. the restaurants

From traditional Thai dishes, to typical western food, to an Italian cuisine, the two restaurants featured in the resort had plenty of options to keep our taste buds completely satisfied.

5. the amazing sunsets 

With the islands along the horizon and no sunset being the same , this view never got old. The best part was about 10 minutes after the sun went down because God would show off and illuminate the sky with an array of vibrant, fiery colors - truly breathtaking moments!

6. happy hour everyday

 Every evening, JD and I would go and grab a drink during the happy hour special, order the spring rolls and chit chat while enjoying the sunset. HEAVEN. 

7. the private beach

Although there are a few resorts nestled nearby, The Tubkaak Boutique Resort has enough beach space in-between the other resorts where it feels exclusive and offers privacy. It's a clean and well kept up beach with hammocks and bean bag chairs for lounging while palm trees offer shady resting spots :)

🌴   🌴   🌴   

If you're planning a trip to Krabi, then I would highly recommend staying here for a luxury getaway.

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To me, searching and finding "the" hotel is the most exciting part of planning a trip! They all have a unique atmosphere depending on the country, culture, interiors and location. I strongly feel that choosing your accommodation while exploring a new place can either enhance or dampen your overall experience.  Do you have any favorite hotels? Share below in the comment section where and why - I would love to check them out! :)  


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