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Hi! I’m Victoria. I’m originally from the land of the South in the US of A, born and raised in the beautiful low country of Charleston, South Carolina.  My (food) roots are very much southern driven as I’m all about some grits, iced sweet tea, biscuits and boiled peanuts -  the main essentials that make you a true Southerner ;)  

My favorite time of the day is when I can have my morning cup of coffee - there is no better feeling than taking that first sip. Based on my music preference, you’d think I would have some latin descent running through my veins. I don’t, but would be cool if so. That goes without saying that I’m a pretty big fan of the latin genre. Even though I don’t know what they are saying most of the time, it instantly sets my soul on FUEGO. I love hosting parties (even more if they are themed), decorating my home, and lighting candles almost tops my coffee time. Photography is an ongoing passion and interior design highly influences my decision making process when traveling. I prefer chips to candy- one bite of chocolate can satisfy my sweet tooth, but a whole bag of chips is not enough. 


At 18 I left Charleston for college and it was during my freshman year when my travel lust was prompted. My English professor at the time strongly encouraged me to take her literature class where she took her students to Paris for Spring Break to experience first hand the historic writers influenced from there. This trip to Paris was my first time in Europe and I'lll never forget the strong desire I felt while there to want to live in Europe one day. Of course, I never imagined that becoming true…

Fast forward 7 years later to when I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, engaged to my now husband (JD) and us finding out 2 months before our wedding that we would be moving to GERMANY for JD’s work. It was surreal (and a no brainer decision for us). Long story short, we got married, packed up our house and moved to Europe shortly after our wedding with our spoiled, but extremely cute, Goldendoodle, Winston.


Going on four years now, we’ve been living in Europe since 2016, which is actually longer than we anticipated (and much longer than what our family back home thought it would be! whoops). Since then, we have lived in 2 countries. For the first 2 years we lived in the beautiful and bustling city of Hamburg, Germany and now we live in Aalborg, Denmark, a much smaller but very quaint city . Although it was tough to move away from family and friends, living abroad has been such an exhilarating journey, and a blessing we will never regret experiencing. If you’re curious in knowing more, then check out my post about life as an expat which answers some questions you may be wondering about. 


Well, for one, it’s amazing and I spend quite some time creating this beautiful content just for *YOU*. Two, I hope you know I was just being facetious with point number one (just a little bit though). Three, and in all seriousness, I hope to make you feel you were on that trip to Ireland with me, or wining and dining with me in the “hyggest” spots in Copenhagen, all while providing you a place that is informative, lighthearted and genuine. Most importantly, my goal is to share authentic, relatable and valuable content through the experiences we’ve encountered from traveling and living abroad; therefore encouraging you to explore places you never thought you would and inspiring you to try something new. If there is one thing I’ve learned from living abroad (although a cliche) it’s to embrace change. The unknown is intimidating, but it’s those experience that allow you to grow and learn the most about yourself and others.