How to create a morning routine to have a productive day

Let's just go ahead and admit it. Monday rolls around and all of a sudden the pile of laundry you dreaded doing over the weekend doesn't seem so bad to finish, that stuffed junk drawer seems fun to organize and whatever other task you find to distract yourself seems great compared to what you actually should be doing. My close friends and family know that I may...okay....I do procrastinate. However, sticking to a morning routine has helped me accomplish my daily goals


Here are  5 basic tips for you to try that will help kick off your day with less procrastination and more doing: 


1. Wake up early

 I know. It is so much easier to sleep in a little longer, especially when working from home. But, this easy habit is a game changer, I must say. There is something about the early mornings that is calm, quiet and peaceful which is the perfect way to start your day. 

2. Coffee/Hot Tea

Do I even need to explain the importance of this? Coffee is what I look forward to the night before! I literally get excited when in bed thinking about my morning cup of joe (or tea!). Sipping on your bev of choice while gathering your thoughts is pure bliss - it's almost therapeutic. It is your time to just BE before the chaos of the day begins. 

3. Write it down

 I am a list person. I LOVE lists. My favorite thing is crossing it out (ahhh, it's so satisfying). Write down your top priorities for the day, starting with your most important task. Doing the most annoying things first will make you feel the most productive. 

4. Get Ready

Take a shower and do your morning grooming routine. This alone will have you feeling accomplished. Putting yourself together sets the tone of how the rest of your day will evolve. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you get sh*t done. 

5. Workout

Whether it is during your morning or evening, adding a workout into your daily routine is a great way to feel matter what you did or didn't do that day! And, if you're the type that can easily talk yourself out of this (guilty!) then I would suggest signing up for classes or working out with friends to hold yourself accountable - you won't regret it!

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