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This past weekend we received our bookshelf that we (patiently) waited 3.5 weeks for!

Living in Denmark, I have been trying to incorporate a few pieces to obtain a "scandinavian" feel in our apartment - and I think this bookshelf does just that :)

So, how do you get a Scandinavian look?

Simplicity is key with a dose of "hygge"...a popular danish word (pronounced "hooga") which means the feeling of coziness. From the few weeks of living here, I've noticed the Danes love to incorporate fresh greenery, a source of wood, candles (real ones, no fake flames here), and a soft element with texture. Basically, everything that gives you hygge :)

As styling is a process, I found a few inspirational pieces to keep my decorating in the right direction until I complete the final look :)


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Shop the look:

1. Funky Edison Lamp 

 I love the simplicity of this stylish lamp and recently purchased it for the bookcase! :) 

3. Indoor Plants

 As the weather in the Scandinavian area is mostly cloudy, people decorate with a variety of plants to bring freshness + life within their home. These vine plants would look great cascading down the steel bookcase :)

4. Brass Tray

There is no denying that brass is the latest trend. This tray would look great on the shelf with a nice candle sitting on top :)

5. Cozy Candle 

You can never have too many candles, in my opinion :) Adding this to the shelf will create a cozy mood when lit. 

6. Geometric Frame

 Personal photos look even better when displayed in an attractive frame ;)

7. Tasseled Planters

I love, love these tasseled planter baskets! You can use them for plants or for storage - super cute. 

8. Wooden Figures

 The wooden figures are a Danish tradition when gifting for weddings, newborns etc. Created by the late Danish designer, Kay Bojesen, the wooden figures are still a sought after gift + decor element. 

9.  Vases

 I love the texture on the white vase and the elegant simplicity of the clear vase - which one do you like better?  


As we evolve, our home should, too
— Suzanne Tucker

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