Arriving to Deutschland

Leaving home was hard, but arriving to Hamburg was well worth it. JD and I had been a part for two and a half weeks, and prior to that, we only saw each other on weekends since January 1st ( I know that doesn't seem too long, but as felt like forever). As I was anxious to fly by myself (for the FIRST time ever) abroad, I overcame my fear of traveling alone, getting lost in a foreign airport and hopping on the wrong plane (this did happen once in my life. true story.)

When I arrived in Hamburg, I was greeted by JD standing near the luggage area with flowers and a big grin. We were so excited to finally be back together again! I was also welcomed by clear skies and sunny weather, which is not always the case here in Hamburg. The weather is a lot like London or Seattle, mostly overcast. So sunny days are very much appreciated, and it made my first day in Hamburg even more enjoyable.

JD and I went to the Alster Cafe and had a delicious lunch - baked chicken, potato salad and red rice pilaf. SO GOOD. We then strolled along the Alster, which is the Lake connected from the Elbe River that flows all throughout Hamburg. It is beautifully landscaped with cute cafe's and restaurants nestled along the bank and it has a skyline filled with steeples. There is also a running path around the lake that is 5 miles ( I have yet to do this. And, if I do...I most likely will NOT make it all around to hit that 5 mile mark. Running is not my strong suit.)

Later that evening JD took me to what so far, has been my favorite restaurant - Hans Im Gluck. The decor and atmosphere is AMAZING. The design is creative, energetic and very comfortable. It has a casual feel with the seating and layout, but also gives off an upbeat vibe with the music and simplistic, yet funky decor. Bamboo trees from floor to ceiling fill the entire space, while live green walls and plants hang above the bar - it is definitely a spot to visit! 

I know there is much more to see, taste, and experience - and I can't wait to share more with you. Stay tuned for our next adventures!

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." - Martin Bube




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