Gondolas and Vino: Anniversary Celebration in Venice

Venice, Italy Grande Canal

Props to my hubs! JD successfully planned a surprise weekend getaway to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and I had absolutely no idea where we were going until I was sitting on the plane for take off to.......VENICE! :)

We arrived in the evening at the Venice Airport, and if you don't already know, you need to take a water taxi to actually get onto the island.  As we cruised to our docking station, the lights from the homes and buildings on the water created a magical light that glistened on the water. It was such a peaceful and romantic experience which set the tone for the entire time there.

So, other than seeing the main attractions, how can you spend your time in Venice when celebrating a special occasion?

1. Stay in a Cozy Hotel - We stayed at the Bauer Palazzo shown in image 1 above. I don't know if it was the excitement of being in Venice, but I absolutely loved staying here. The hospitality by all in this hotel was superb....they even upgraded our room to a deluxe suite since we were celebrating our anniversary. Amazing! It is a traditional hotel with lots of venetian charm nestled on the Grande Canal. They have a delicious breakfast spread where you can enjoy the best Italian coffee while overlooking the beautiful water and leisurely watching gondolas slowly grace by.....it's a pretty perfect morning to have :)

2. Vino Vino Vino - If you like to indulge in a glass of wine or 2 (or, a bottle....why not?) then being in Italy is obviously perfect.  We strolled through the streets, window shopping and then would pop into these cute wine cafes for a glass. I don't know about you, but this is how I like to spend my vaca! Plus, you're able to experience so many different restaurants + cafes this way.

3. Gondola Ride - When in Venice, right? Of course you have to do this! On our last day we decided to do a gondola ride - and it happened to be on our actual anniversary date (awww). We went right before dinner which was the perfect way to save on the cost. Since it wasn't the most popular time of the day, we rode at a discounted rate...keep that in mind if you're into saving a few euros ;) 

4. Treat Yourself - Whether you want gelato 3 times a day, bowls of pasta or something to take back home....treating yourself is the best way to embrace your celebration! As I did have my share of pasta (I'm a sucker for spaghetti bolognese), I bought some cozy Italian winter boots and JD splurged on an Italian leather wallet. Now, when I wear my boots or see JD's wallet, it reminds me of our special time together ♥

memories are timeless treasures of the heart
— unknown