A Weekend in Amsterdam

In August we took a mini road trip to Amsterdam, and it was amazing. It was our first visit to the city and it will not be the last. Amsterdam had so much to offer - beautiful architecture and interiors, delicious food, friendly locals, museums and a versatile nightlife. Walking through the city is pleasant and entertaining in itself though. Every street has a new canal to explore with trees hugging the side of the water and the buildings expose their own intricate story for you to further explore. The first day all we did was walk the entire city in awe of its beauty. 

The second day was filled with more activities. We began our morning at one of the top brunch spots, Bakers & Roasters. I am already craving to go back! Not only for the food itself, but for its deliciously brewed coffee and atmosphere. It is definitely a place to visit while in Amsterdam! 


Later we moseyed our way to the Van Gogh Museum, which did not disappoint. This museum was nicely laid out with a clean and modern design and was quite interactive while touring. I would highly suggest paying the extra 5 euro for the audio tour - this offered us great insights of the paintings which made the tour even more enjoyable.  (And yes, the to-go coffee I am holding is from Bakers & Roasters -- Couldn't resist not having one to walk around with! )




Amsterdam has such charm, character and diverse entertainment which is why it has made my list of top cities I have loved visiting. Until next time...

"People don't take trips, trips take people" - John Steinbeck 


Victoria MoonComment