The Baltic Sea: A Productive Vacation

For the Easter Holiday we went to Sassnitz with another couple - roughly a 4 hour drive from Hamburg,Germany. Our time there consisted of home cooked meals in our AWESOME apartment which gave us beautiful views of the Baltic Sea, casual strolls, cozy afternoon naps, sweet treats and a "5:00 somewhere" mentality. 

To be honest, there wasn't a lot to do in Sassnitz - especially on Easter weekend when everything closed for the holiday (which was the Friday, Sunday & Monday we were there). But, THAT is why it was the perfect place to just relax and wind down. 

We ventured to a park by the sea which had a pier area with boats serving fresh seafood and the famously known Fischbrötchen, a German's favorite sandwich :)

If you visit Sassnitz,  you can go bike riding, kayaking and take boat tours.  The town next to Sassnitz is called Binz, where we took a ferry ride to visit (about a 45 minute trip). We grabbed a window seat and toasted the day off with some beers (and Easter chocolate!).

Like our day trip to Schwerin, Binz was another cute and quaint town to visit. Buildings with white facades filled the entire town with lots of restaurants and local shops to pop into - and the best part was that it was all right by the sea.

While strolling around, we found our way to a brewery called Fritz Braugasthaus and had flights of beer. The weather was perfect so we sat outside and enjoyed being sun-kissed :)

Sitting on the beach by an open fire, crepe tasting & sightseeing made Sassnitz & Binz the perfect getaway for us. We felt extra thankful, refreshed, and relaxed after a long weekend visit to such a beautiful & simplistic place.

If you enjoy being by the sea, having scenic views, lounging on the beach and leisurely going about your day - then take a look at our adventures there and start planning your visit!  

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax" - Mark Black

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