A Castle & a Cafe: Visiting Schwerin, Germany

One of the top reasons we said yes to moving to Europe was for us to have the opportunity to explore and travel as much as possible (DUH!). Our first day trip was over the weekend to Schwerin - a cute and quaint town about an hour (train ride) from Hamburg. 

When we arrived in Schwerin, we stopped to eat breakfast at this adorable cafe, Kostbar.  Washed wood floors, mixed furniture pieces with bold upholstery and plaid accent pillows gave this space a very comfortable, cozy & welcoming feel - and the food was just as indulging.

Once our bellies were happy, we went to see the Cathedral that sits in the heart of the town.

We then went to Schwerin Castle which is a must see, and it's also ranked in the Top 10 Castles to visit in Germany.  (I can't wait to visit again once spring has sprung! The flowers and greenery must make this place even more BEAUTIFUL.)

You can also tour the museum inside the Castle that showcases pieces from the 19th Century. Learn more about the museum here.

Schwerin was the perfect day trip because we were able to visit the main attractions and walk throughout most of the town during our short time there. It's a charming city that offers history & much character for the eye to see.

"Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder" - E.B. White